Carpet Cleaning Camden Town NW1

professional carpet cleanerSparkling Carpets provides professional carpet cleaning services in Camden Town NW1, London for your home and office at the most competitive price.

How your carpet looks is a matter of proper maintenance. Whether you use a professional carpet cleaning service or you clean your carpet by yourself is a matter of choice. But if you want to achieve high-quality results and efficiency, the best choice is to trust our company.

We offer carpet cleaning in the capital of England and are very eager to get to know you and your family. For years we have delivered our services in Camden Town, London. People are pleased with the work we provide and call us whenever they need to clean their carpets again. As experts in this field we always recommend that clients clean their carpets at least once a year because this can prolong the lifespan of the items. Using the proper methods and cleaning supplies, any carpet can be made to look and smell better and get its fibre coatings protected.

Carpet cleaning Price Camden Town

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Prices
Hallway/ Landing Carpet £10
Armchair £18
Bedroom Carpet £20
Living/ Dining Room Carpet £25
Two Seat Sofa £30
Hourly Based Services Prices
Domestic Cleaning £12/h
One Off Cleaning £13/h
Deep Cleaning £18/h

Carpet Cleaning Camden Town

5 stars – based on 4 reviews
Carpet Cleaning Camden Town

Awesome! My carpets have been restored to their original condition. There is nothing like absolutely clean and fresh carpets! I have been booking your carpet cleaning service for many years now and you always exceed my expectations. Thank you for always doing everything in your power to fit me in your busy schedule. I appreciate it a lot.

Carpet Cleaners in Camden Town

Since we know a lot about this, we encourage you to try our service. Regular vacuuming is good for your carpet and you are recommended to do it every now and then, but unfortunately your belongings need more than just that and we are ready to help you.

Our company is number one in this business because:

  • We understand our clients’ needs
  • Our prices are reasonable
  • The service is punctual and professional
  • Eco-friendly solutions are used
  • We are experienced

To add to this, we want to tell you more about our cleaning system. As we mentioned, we use environment-friendly products and supplies. To achieve high-quality results we use hot water extraction along with the proper cleaning solutions. An advantage of hot water extraction, also called steam cleaning, is that it allows the item to dry very fast (about 2 to 4 hours are enough for the fabric to dry).

Steam Carpet Cleaning Camden Town NW1

The problem with some cleaning solutions is that they leave a white film on the fabric that cannot be removed. So instead of making your carpet shiny and reviving its colours, the agents simply make it dull. Also, many cleaning detergents contain chemicals that destroy your carpet fibres little by little. This is another reason why we choose to use steam cleaning in Camden Town.

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There are two more things to point out here. You may be wondering how long a service usually takes. Well, it really depends on the amount of dirt to clean but generally it takes a couple of hours to do the trick. Also, it’s important to say that we clean carpets right where they are, meaning you don’t have to take your carpet to another place to get it cleaned. Instead we’ll visit your place and get the job done on site.

More about how we operate you can find by getting in touch with us. We will gladly give you all the information you need and help you choose a service. Don’t forget to call us and we’ll find an easy, cost-effective and healthy solution to your problems.

Sparkling Carpets in Camden

Cleaning your carpets at home is necessary for the good health of your whole family. Our experienced company recommends that every carpet is cleaned thoroughly at least once every couple of months. We are a professional provider of high-quality carpet cleaning services in Camden. We have been operating in the branch for many years and have learned how to offer the best services on the market.

With our team of experienced and devoted cleaners, it is guaranteed that the job is done perfectly, flawlessly and timely. Our carpet cleaning experts will use only ecologically-friendly detergents to make sure the process does not affect our planet.

What Our Clients Think:

Never before had I imagined that I would possess so clean carpets. Your carpet cleaners can really do wonders with stains and dirt and I want to thank them for the best carpet cleaning.
- Victoria
You have done great work with all my carpets and I am glad to observe their fresh and nice view. Fast implementation and affordable prices. I will book carpet cleaning again.
- Elliot
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