Professional Carpet Cleaning in London!

Sofa Cleaning

Cleaner in South West LondonSparkling Carpets Ltd. provides professional cleaning services in Greater London. Call us now to book sofa cleaning at the best price in your area! Due to its nature, Sofa cleaning is an intricate process that requires a broad knowledge on different types of materials and fiber omnipresent in the making of upholstery. Every so often we encounter customers whose attempt to eradicate something as simple as a coffee stain has ended up in damaging the furniture, thus calling for professional help.

To put it in simpler terms – if you have soiled your sofa or it has reached its inevitable end where the upholstery starts falling apart bit by bit, it’s time to call a professional who will restore the brand new look of your sofas and settees. Our services in London include taking care of everything from sofas, dining chairs, down to foot stools, arm chairs, cushions, leather furniture, car seats and even upholstered walls.

Our Special Offers!


  • Hallway/ Landing Carpetfrom £4
  • Armchair from £18
  • Bedroom Carpet from £23
  • Living/ Dining Room Carpet from £25
  • Two Seat Sofafrom £30
  • Three Seat Sofafrom £45
  • Flight of Stairsfrom £25

Minimum call out charge £55


  • Domestic Cleaning£20/h
  • One Off Cleaning£20/h
  • Deep Cleaning£20/h

It’s very common to treat your home with negligence when it comes to restoring its previous appearance and people oft find it easier and less time-consuming to have their homes redecorated entirely by getting rid of the “old” sofa and buying new ones. However, is it really the case? Think for the time you have to spend picking up new furniture. Then you’ll have to hire a transport and lastly but not least you’ll need to move out the old furniture and bring in the new ones. Why taking the pains to go through all this trouble if there’s no real justification behind this?

Dear team, Thank you for the good work. Having your cleaners at my parents’ house made my life much more easier. Having in mind that both my mom and dad are quite old and can’t clean the way they wish, it was the smartest decision to send your people there do sofa cleaning in the house. It did need a professional touch. Rgds, Denise

Upholstery cleaning is done at home in the matter of hours in the time of the day that best suits you. We arrange for our employees’ transport and we make sure we bring all the necessary equipment with us leaving you undisturbed. Our sofa cleaning tools are very well-known – vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and other cleaning detergents, supplied by prominent names in the cleaning service business. The products are environmentally friendly and trigger no side-effects. Neither do they cause allergies. In fact all that’s left after treating with “chemicals” such as stain guards is a pleasant odour.

premium-quality-stampOur staff is extensively trained and up to date with the current trends in the cleaning industry. Also, our services come in tailor-made packages designed to exclusively meet the budget and cleaning needs of our customers in London. We’re a company that strives to help as many people as possible and save you time and money in the process. Give your living room a refreshing treatment and achieve a fresh-looking home.