Professional Carpet Cleaning in London!

image Sparkling Carpets is among the leaders on the market in supplying highly professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services all about London and Great London.

We are relying only on highly trained and experienced employees. Our technicians are all Crime and Reference checked, fully insured and fully vetted. They are all friendly, highly motivated and skilled and their leading motive in the everyday work they are doing is to meet the customers requirement and to exceed their expectations.

We are well specialised in providing a wide range of carpet, upholstery, rug, mattress and curtain cleaning services. All the equipment we are using is top of the brand set of professional machinery, combined with the highly efficient detergents we are supplying could guarantee the customer a stunning cleaning results. We are the customers best helping hand in the fight against the dirty carpets, the stains and the bacteria.

The main goal of our Company is to provide you with a top class service on a very reasonable price. We have established local offices all around London, aiming to be as close as possible to our customers and to be able top react on their cleaning needs with no time.

Our Company works 7 days a week, including bank holidays, with prices that remain fixed and independent on the occasion.

If you have any cleaning queries, or you would like to set and arrangement with us, just give us a call at your best convenience and we will be glad to serve you!

Professional Carpet Cleaning in London!


  • Hallway/ Landing Carpetfrom £4
  • Armchair from £18
  • Bedroom Carpet from £23
  • Living/ Dining Room Carpet from £25
  • Two Seat Sofafrom £30
  • Three Seat Sofafrom £45
  • Flight of Stairsfrom £25

Minimum call out charge £55


  • Domestic Cleaning£20/h
  • One Off Cleaning£20/h
  • Deep Cleaning£20/h

Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • Deep set dirt is efficiently removed
  • Kills bacteria and germs
  • No allergens
  • Sanitises
  • No greasy residue
  • Helps regular cleaning maintenance procedures


  • How often do people book this service?

    Upholstery cleaning is often booked by the majority of our regular customers. They rely on the service because it is thorough and the results are long-lasting. Generally speaking, upholstery cleaning, as a cleaning procedure, should be done about two times every year, according to how much you use it.

  • Do you clean office upholstery as well?

    Yes. Upholstery in offices, hotels, private buildings, private homes, restaurants and any other type of building, can, and will be, cleaned with the help of our cleaning specialists.

  • What type of cleaning products you use?

    Our professional cleaning teams use only environmentally friendly cleaning products, which help preserve the condition of your upholstery, without causing any damages to the surfaces!

  • Are you available on the weekends?

    YES! We are available every day, every week throughout the whole year. We don’t have problem with working on weekends, and we perfectly understand that, sometimes, this is the only convenient time for you.

  • What does this service include?

    The One Off cleaning that we offer includes the thorough cleaning of any type of property you need cleaned (one room, office, apartment, house, etc.). The service is hourly based, which means that we will come and clean everything we can for the time you give us.

  • Can I book the service for my garage?

    Yes. The One Off cleaning service is available for any type of properties, including garages, patios, basements, etc.

  • What does Sofa Cleaning Service include?

    The Sofa Cleaning Service includes thorough cleaning, stain removal and deodorizing the cleaned areas of any type of sofas. The fabrics will be preserved and the colours will be brighter with no visible stains left. You shouldn’t worry about any unpleasant smells either.

  • When should I book the service, how much time before the day I need you to come?

    It doesn’t matter if you book the service a week before its delivery, or two days in advance. Our cleaners are trained to be effective and efficient, even in the last minute. But if you book it a week before, we will be able to react quicker and find a cleaner to come right in time, when you want. Booking in the last minute, especially when you have a certain day on your mind, can be done, but there might not be a free cleaning expert. We advise you to book a few days earlier.

  • What type of sofas do you clean?

    Our Sofa Cleaning Service is available for any type of soft furniture – sofas, armchairs, stools, chairs, etc. The methods and techniques, used to clean soft furniture are the same, regardless of the type of furniture, as long as it has some kind of fabric coverage.

  • Can I book the service for, let’s say, five rugs?

    Yes! It is possible to book the service for as much rugs as you want. Keep in mind that the price for one rug is different from the price for more rugs. We advise you to state the number of rugs at the moment of booking.

  • Are the cleaning procedures harmful to the surface of the rugs?

    Absolutely not! The equipment we use (cleaning products and tools, machines) are absolutely harmless to the fabrics and surface of any type of rugs, while being harsh on stains, dirt, dust, etc.

  • Are your cleaning products pets-friendly?

    Yes! We are nature’s friends, so every cleaning product in our arsenal is completely eco-friendly. Our products are harmless to your health and you pets’ health as well.

What our clients think?

Marshall Norman

I was recommended this carpet cleaning service. I booked it and what impressed me a lot was that the technicians came right on time and work so hard. They did not dawdle away any precious time. The result? Spotless carpets!

Sharon Cross

After a party at my place, the carpets looked terrible. I had no other choice but to book a professional carpet cleaning service. Oh, thanks god I did. The technicians did an outstanding job and now I cannot stop enjoying the clean look of my pieces.

How does Sparkling Carpets work?

Where are we on the map?

  • Carpet Cleaning North London

    In a case that you need professional care for your carpet in the North part of London you can rely on Sparkling Carpet Cleaners. The latest machines and equipment will be used of well trained and experienced technicians in order to meet your expectations.

  • Carpet Cleaning North West London

    The express professional care that Sparkling Carpet Cleaners could provide for the residents of North West London will be applied from well trained teams that will do the impossible to get you rid of the stains and worn appearance of the carpet.

  • Carpet Cleaning South East London

    South east London area is covered by Sparkling Carpet Cleaners. Steam technology will be applied to fit your requirements and higher expectations. Only with the power of pure water you will find your soft floor refreshed.

  • Carpet Cleaning South West London

    The eco- friendly non- toxic detergents that Sparkling Carpet Cleaners use for your soft floors protect them from colour lost or linen damage. All South West London area could have spotless carpets with bright colours.

  • Carpet Cleaning West London

    If you are living in West London and need professionally applied carpet cleaning you are at the right place. After the service you will be able to enjoy spotless soft floor with bright colours. You will be impressed with the new look of your carpet finding it like new.