Professional Carpet Cleaning in London!

Carpet Cleaning in Streatham SW16

professional carpet cleanerToday we are going to tell you a little bit more about our services, more specifically about our Professional Carpet Cleaning Service. We are a professional cleaning company that works in the whole area of London, and we are especially famous in Streatham.

Let’s talk a little bit more about what Sparkling Carpets London does and what should you expect.

We are in the cleaning area of business for enough years now, that we are well familiar with everything related to cleaning. From End of Tenancy Cleaning to Gardening Services, we’ve learned that we should have more specific services. So we started offering services like Oven Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning separately, and we can say that people absolutely love them.

Carpet cleaning Price Streatham


  • Hallway/ Landing Carpetfrom £4
  • Armchair from £18
  • Bedroom Carpet from £23
  • Living/ Dining Room Carpet from £25
  • Two Seat Sofafrom £30
  • Three Seat Sofafrom £45
  • Flight of Stairsfrom £25

Minimum call out charge £55

What is so special about those carpets of yours?

Every home looks beautiful with carpets all over its floors. However, people choose to have bare floors, because carpets tend to be a little bit harder to clean. That is because they accumulate dust, dirt, different liquids are spilled all over them, and we admit that is quite a nasty thing. Carpets definitely need more attention than tiles, or plates,

I just wanted to say how happy we were with your carpet cleaning yesterday. Your cleaners went above and beyond what was expected of them and made our carpets look like new again. We will definitely be booking the service again! Thank you for the amazing experience. You are worth every penny!


but a carpet makes you feel cozy, makes you feel at home. It is quite warmer than just tiles. So thumbs up for all those of you who still have carpets, and keep figuring out how to preserve them.

And here we come in. We decided to separate the Carpet Cleaning Service on its own, because this is an essential part of a house, or any home, and we think it needs more attention than people give it. Carpets are beautiful in all their shapes, colors and forms, and they should be well taken care of. This is our job, and if you let us, we guarantee you that your carpets will look like new.

Professional Carpet Cleaning is one of our specialties and we perfectly know what to use to clean them thoroughly and save their colors, without damaging the fabrics. We have eco-friendly detergents and products that are completely harmless to your carpets, and, of course, you.

Another thing we have in our deposit are the modern machines and tools, that are created to clean carpets, by the hands of our cleaning experts. All of our workers have previous experience in cleaning and are the best you will ever find.

They work with attention even to the smallest details and all they want is to make you see how clean your carpet can look. And here is one more good thing about us. Every time you call us and send us to any place in Streatham, our professional cleaners will take their products and machines, and will come right on time.

That’s right, we bring our own cleaning products and tools, and we are not going to charge you for that. No extra fees. Only perfectly cleaned carpets on low prices.

The prices are another benefit of ours. We know that people are careful when spending money and that’s precisely why we have such a low price list. We want our services to be available to every single client, but not only.

Clients are very important to us and we aim to show them those perfect results they’ve been waiting for. For us, The Client is our top priority. We listen and understand their needs in order to accomplish what they want and how do they want it.

We want to make you feel better, make you smile. That is exactly why we are in this area of business – we know how hard cleaning can be, but we know how to perfectly do it. We know how to make your carpet look like new and we know what to do, to help its preservation. Why not today?

There is no reason you should stop yourself from dialing that number, or writing us an e-mail. Those are the two ways you can contact us. We are ready to go, we just need your signal. We guarantee you that this will be a decision free of any regrets. Just put a little faith in us, and watch how we work our magic!