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Carpet Cleaning in Stockwell SW9

professional carpet cleanerNowadays more and more people decide to have carpets in their homes. Sooner or later, those carpets will need to be cleaned or even removed. Did you know that carpets are a catch-all for tons of bacteria, dust mites, allergens, microorganisms and harmful germs? For people who have allergies, a dirty carpet can be very dangerous.

Actually, dirty carpets can also cause serious health issues to people in otherwise good health. No doubt, it is crucial to take proper care of your carpets on a regular basis but vacuuming is simply not enough. You need to get them professionally cleaned at least once per every six months to ensure that all those aforementioned pollutants are a thing of the past.

Even though you may think that your carpets are clean just because they have that clean look, there is plenty of impurities which are not obvious to the naked eye and can only be extracted by means of powerful machines and products.

Carpet cleaning Price Stockwell


  • Hallway/ Landing Carpetfrom £4
  • Armchair from £18
  • Bedroom Carpet from £23
  • Living/ Dining Room Carpet from £25
  • Two Seat Sofafrom £30
  • Three Seat Sofafrom £45
  • Flight of Stairsfrom £25

Minimum call out charge £55

We all love when our home is filled with children’s laughter and playful pets but they are definitely not the cleanest lodgers. However, we do not have the right to put all the blame on them.

We have all spilt something on the carpet, whether it be food or drink. Even if you think about replacing your stained carpets with a set of new ones, the good news is that it is not always necessary so you do not have to pay a fortune. Instead, look for a professional cleaning company to take care of your carpets.

Thank you so much for cleaning my carpets yesterday. I cannot believe how good looking they came up. Your cleaners did a fantastic job. Even my partner was impressed with the outcome and told his family about the carpet cleaning. You are definitely second to none in the area.


Even if your carpets are not stained, dust and dirt particles tend to build up deep in the carpet fibres which are detrimental to your health. What we advise you is to get in touch with our company and book the amazing carpet cleaning services we offer.

We are a long-established cleaning company that has been operating in the area of Stockwell for a considerable amount of years already.

Our cleaning teams

We have teams composed of qualified and competent cleaners who have been properly trained in the field of carpet cleaning. They are experienced enough and possess the skills necessary to achieve excellence in every cleaning task they undertake. We are proud to be working with so diligent and reliable people. They are ready to do everything in their power in order to provide you with the desired results.

Our cleaning equipment

When it comes to safety and efficiency, our company in Stockwell is second to none. We realise that most of you might be concern about the cleaning products we make use of. For the peace of your mind, we can assure you that we utilise only cleaning equipment which consists of environmentally friendly and safe ingredients.

We would never risk putting your family’s and your health in danger by exposing you to a toxic environment. Yes, our materials are powerful enough to remove all trapped-in grime but they are absolutely safe, too.

Reliability and availability

You can always rely on us- even if you contact us on a short notice or you need us for a situation of an emergency. To put your mind at ease, we are even available on bank holidays and weekends. We always aim at delivering you carpet cleaning services of a great value.

We offer value for money

We know that there are many companies in Stockwell but we also know that none of them can beat our rates. The price of our carpet cleaning service is affordable and will not cause you any financial inconveniences.

We are looking forward to hearing from you already.